Tadhg’s Résumé

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Name: Tadhg O’Higgins
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Email: tadhg(the at symbol)tadhg(the dot symbol)com


Versatile, articulate, and experienced Python-oriented web application developer looking for interesting web-related opportunity, preferably centered around Python while using JavaScript and open source technologies.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Catch.com
Helping to build a fantastic note-taking platform at Catch.com, primarily using Python (mainly Pylons and MongoDB) and JavaScript (mainly Google Closure).

On Sabbatical
Working on personal projects, getting fit, and playing with Python. See tadhg.com/wp/tag/python for some of the Python.

Senior Web Application Developer/Software Engineer, Metaweb Technologies
Worked on freebase.com, Metaweb’s free structured data repository, with particular emphasis on Python, JavaScript, and AJAX. I improved performance by moving functionality from JavaScript to server-side Python using the Pylons framework; enhanced user-facing functionality using Pylons, front-end code, and Metaweb’s graph database; and developed freebase.com’s community discussion functionality.

Web Application Developer/Software Engineer, Nimblefish Technologies
Switched to Engineering section of Nimblefish to pursue technical interests. Developed web applications for marketing programs, primarily working with JavaScript/AJAX against a Java/JSP backend. Enabled smoother workflows by prototyping a JavaScript templating environment. Improved UIs using AJAX, improved Web standards compliance and browser compatibility, and streamlined work processes via backend-to-HTML integration using JSP.

Web Development Manager, Nimblefish Technologies
Managed and mentored the web development team, worked with backend engineers to improve web application platform, developed frameworks for form and offer handling, trained the web development team, and performed all of the duties of the Senior Web Technologist role (see below).

Senior Web Technologist, Nimblefish Technologies
Developed personalized websites using Nimblefish’s JSP-based platform. Improved in-house use of technologies including JavaScript, JSP, and database structures. Guided production processes, managed freelancers, and created internal standards for coding and QA.


M.S., Multimedia Systems
Trinity College Dublin, 1999.

M.A., American Literature
University College Dublin, 1998.

B.A., English and Philosophy
University College Dublin, 1995.


I am focused on Python, JavaScript, and web application development. I have years of experience dealing with all aspects of the web development toolchain, from databases to stylesheets. I am committed to writing clean code, using web standards, and focusing on usability, and I have a passionate interest in both programming and web development.

I am highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Python, JavaScript, AJAX, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, JSP, Unix shell scripting, and Apache, combined with a deep understanding of how they work together.
  • Information Architecture and User Interface design and development for the web.
  • Project Management for web and web-related projects, in terms of leading development, leading projects overall, and dealing with version control, usability, web standards, and quality assurance issues.

I have excellent organizational and knowledge management skills—Metaweb’s core mission involves the organization of knowledge; I created and maintained internal knowledge bases at Nimblefish and previous companies; and in college, I helped found the UCD Internet Society (to provide undergraduate students with Internet access) and ran the UCD English Literary Society.

I have excellent reading, proofreading, editing, and compositional skills.


Wrote How to Cheat in the Leaving Certificate, a full-length, commercially-released, critically-acclaimed Irish feature film.

M.Sc. course project was one of seven course projects displayed at Dublin’s Douglas Hyde Gallery in 1999, an exhibition that attracted 4500 visitors in 9 days.

Founder Member, UCD Internet Society, 1995.

Auditor, UCD English Literary Society, 1993–1994.


Available upon request.

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